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11 Sep 2013

It was a momentous occasion for the entire fraternity of DPS Bangalore South as the first Indian idol Junior- Anjana Padmanabhan walked her way amidst bated breadth. She arrived as a dazzling dipsite, took centre stage and wowed her audience with a few songs. Esteemed members, Board of Management Mr. Maqsood Ali Khan, Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan, Mrs. Shazia Maqsood and Mrs. Tasbia Khan felicitated the young achiever by presenting a cheque of Rs.25,000/-.

04 Sep 2013

A speech competition was held by the Chamarajpet Education Society on 23rd August 2013. The topic was, “Does primary and secondary education provide only bookish knowledge or does it also provide practical knowledge?” Vedepta and Meghna of class VIII ‘B’ bowled over the judges and the audience and achieved the “Kittane RI.Subba Rao, Smt.Seethamma Runners Up trophy” for the school. They were also awarded 50 grams of silver each.

02 Sep 2013

10 year old Anjana stole the hearts of millions of Indians who witnessed her metamorphosis from an amateur to a professional ‘Melody queen’. The journey that spanned months saw her evolve into the nightingale that today is the apple of every music director. DPS Bangalore South is proud of their little daughter in having reached the pinnacle of success and would like to wish her the very best in life. Anjana was crowned INDIAN IDOL JUNIOR at the star studded ‘Grand Finale’on 1st September, 2013.

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