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Visit by Sir William Wakeham

Post 26 November 2014 By In Happenings
“From science to engineering: a practical demonstration” The workshop was conducted by Professor Sir William Wakeham who is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, as well as a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and the Institute of Physics. He holds a higher doctorate from Exeter University and honorary degrees from the Universities of Lisbon, Exeter, Loughborough and Southampton Solent Universities and is a Fellow of Imperial College London. He holds a number of international awards for his contributions to research in transport processes. Please find attached his entire biography. He was assisted by four volunteers from TCS to help him with the demonstrations and explaining them to the students. Sir William initially give a short talk to the whole group. After his talk, he invited the students to look and try the different demonstrations - there were four different demonstrations taking place at the same time. The group was divided into smaller groups of five and they went to the different demonstrations where he explained and spoke to the students. After 5 minutes the groups moved around to the next demonstration. Students from DPS East, DPS North and DPS South were part of the workshop and they enjoyed the hands on experience as well.
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