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13 Oct 2015

Tejal Rao and Jessica Jane of class VIII were involved in the project 'Design for change'. The students probed the insecurities of the senior citizens living alone in apartments.  They chose L & T SOUTH CITY on Bannerghatta road . They interviewed the senior citizens regarding safety measures. The students informed them to place all the important contact numbers, including their doctor's where it is easily available in case of emergency.  
The students also met the Security Officer and briefed them about the safety concerns when visitors or vendors entered the premises. 

The senior citizens were thankful to the students for showcasing interest in their safety.


03 Oct 2015

Florentine Gala a Parent Child activity was organised on the 29th of September. parents took part in various competitions like flower sketching, flower arrangement, flower rangoli, fashion Show and flower Model, Art with flowers. the children were involved in making collages , greeting cards and solving puzzles while their parents were busy with their activities.

It was great fun to see many fathers walk the ramp with their wards and give competition to the mothers. 

the winners of the competitions were:

Art with flowers :  Samitha - LKG A (I prize) , P.Tushitha- LKG H ( II Prize), Adhrika LKG C ( III Prize)

Flower Garland making: Pranav Doolipet -LKG I ( I prize), Akshaja LKG H( II prize), Md. Arhaan Khan ( III Prize)

Flower Rangoli :  Vedhaa S.R- LKG B ( I prize), Esha S.A -LKG I ( II Prize), Sukyath Avaneesh - LKG K ( II prize), Samyuktha Vikram -LKG L ( III prize),  Adhya -LKH I and Iha Harish - LKG L ( consolation Prize)

Flower Sketches : Krithik Hegde -LKG D ( I prize) , Purvik -LKG E ( II prize), Pranav D - LKG D , Archita -LKG C ( II prize)

Flower Model : Sihi P - LKG I ( I prize) , Ishaan G-LKG J ( II prize) , Rithvi R Devatha - LKG J( III prize)

Flower Arrangement: Md. Arhaan Khan -LKG-A ( I prize) , Parinitha K A- LKG F( II prize)

Fashion Show: Medhansh G S-LKG B ( I prize) , Keisha -LKG I ( II prize) , Tanvi Uttam -LKG H and Ishitha -LKG I ( III prize), Gowri - LKG F, Monisha G.K -LKG D, Pehal -LKG I Monishkar S -LKG D ( consolation prize)




01 Sep 2015


Day 1

 Our journey began on 2nd of August 2015. All of us felt that our journey had already began months before because of the preparation and excitement in which Asma Ma’am played a key role. She really helped us get into this International Event and prepared us for the trip from day one. Our flight was at 2 AM. We travelled from Bangalore to Hong Kong via  Taiwan and  finally landed in  Osaka. It was pretty hectic but it was definitely worth it. We were lucky to be chosen for this International Science event where only three schools from India got selected There were 26 schools from all over the world and more than 200 schools from all over Japan.

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