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Friday, 26 September 2014 07:03


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A cultural and fun filled parent child LKG event- SIRI KANNADA was held on 18th September 2014. To celebrate Karnataka, a variety of competitions related to our state,based on cuisines, art and craft, fashion show, and dances were organized. Traditional street games like Bugari, Kunte Bille, Alguli mane, chawka baarah, etc., were held. Parents and children enthusiastically took part in all the events. Certificates and gifts were distributed to all the participants as a token of appreciation. Everyone enjoyed feeling proud to be part of our State- Karnataka! Follow this link to view all pictures https://drive.google.com/?urp=https://www.google.co.in/_/chrome/newtab?espv%3D2%26ie&authuser=0#folders/0B7CXRdI6pGxGc3RjZjRucXRnRVE
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