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Saturday, 19 July 2014 05:39

ThinkCIQ – Nurture Thinking and Foster Talents

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The power of innovation and the potential of a creative thought are yet to be really understood. Development of this mindset should actually start from age zero. Parents, Teachers and the entire community have a responsibility towards this. Efficacy and impact will depend on our awareness, commitment and the tools we have at our disposal. In this context of enormous responsibility and expectations, the idea of
Friday, 18 July 2014 13:14


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“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth” - Diogenes


DIPSMUN – the first ever DIPS Model United Nations will commence on the 23rd


2014. The focus is on the role of ‘YOUTH - the Front runners of Development and Peace’. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014 12:49

Jenesys 2.0 – Programme in Japan

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Organised by the Japanese International Cooperation Centre (JICE),
Government of Japan during 26th May – 03rd June 2014

Anjali Haridas
Class IX-J, 
DPS Bangalore South
I was fortunate enough to be selected to be part of the Jenesys programme organised by JICE during May-June 2014. The programme involved an 8 day trip to Japan.
The batch consisted of 100 participants (96 students from all over India and 4 supervisors). The representatives from the Japanese embassy also attended the meeting to wish all the participants. We were split into 4 groups and I was attached to ‘Hokkaido D’ group. Mr. Kailash Upadhyaya teacher from DPS, Delhi was the supervisor of our group. 
We landed at the Narita International Airport the next morning, Tokyo and were greeted by the smiling JENESYS representatives Takiyashi-san and Junko-san
We were allowed to stroll around the local area every day throughout the 8-day trip after 6 pm for shopping and to gain first-hand experience of the city, its culture and people, practicing our Japanese speaking skills with local persons and shopkeepers. There is no blowing of horns or chaos on the streets. 
It was a great learning experience for all of us about the Japanese systems, discipline and hardworking nature of Japanese people.
Sight-seeing in Tokyo included the Imperial Palace (where we took souvenir photographs against the backdrop of Nijubashi bridge and the old guard tower), Asakusa, Tokyo Tower and Odaiba.
We moved to Sapporo, Hokkaido on the 4th day of our programme. Sight-seeing in Sapporo included Odori Park and JR Tower Observatory. We were fortunate enough to visit the Hokkaido Government office building. Prior to the tour of the building we were shown a presentation on the importance of Hokkaido in Japan.
The next day in Sapporo was a school exchange visit to the Sapporo Shinyo High School where we bonded with students and staff over exchanging individual cultural arts and lunch. We bid good-bye to them after making new friends and exchanging contact information.
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From then on, our home-stay portion of the schedule started. We moved to the venue of the meeting place with the host family. My host family members included the main host, Sachiyo Shibuya-San, her son Futa (13) and two daughters, Honoko (20), and Hinata (16). Sachiyo Shibuya-San is working at the University and Honoko is a trainee nurse. Futa and Hinata are students. The father of the children works in a different city and hence we couldn’t meet him during the stay. The stay with them was enjoyable as we bonded with them over books, played video games with the family and watched a mutual favourite television programme Sherlock.
We visited the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium and Museum and went for shopping with our hosts the next day. We had traditional Japanese Udon noodles and later visited the neighbourhood. We interacted with the local citizens, exchanging our information regarding the history, culture and social life of the two countries.
We visited the Sapporo Science Museum and Planetarium on the third and final day of our stay with our host family. A farewell party was arranged for all participants of our group along with all the host families. The party was enjoyable and equally emotional. The host family presented us with an album of the photographs taken during the stay. We bid goodbye to the wonderful family of Sachiyo Shibuya-San promising to keep in touch with each other. We moved back to Tokyo from Sapporo the next day.
 Each group made a presentation of what they learnt and experienced in Japan on the last day of our stay in Japan. All participants were presented with certificates from JENESYS. It was time for us to bid a long goodbye to Takiyashi-San and Junko-San and other Japanese supervisors. We moved to Odaiba, where we visited the beach and the Aqua City Mall. Shopping and dinner summed up our last day. 
After fresh memories and a wonderful and enjoyable trip, we had to return albeit reluctantly to India.
This experience has inspired me to try to follow the positive traits of the Japanese like punctuality, respect for every individual and kindness.
I sincerely thank Principal ma’am, Syeda Noor Asma ma’am and the rest of the school management for providing me with this opportunity and making this wonderful and unforgettable experience possible.
Monday, 14 July 2014 16:21


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 During this FIFA season, on 1st and 2nd July 2014, the students of our school set off to the fields to indulge themselves in an exhilarating football tournament.

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 09:41

A report on the CBSE Science Exhibition

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Venue: Army Public School
Date: 28th June 2014 
Accompanying Teachers: Veena, Bharati
CBSE Science Exhibition, which was attended by ten students of 9th standard, along with the teachers Veena and Bharati. Many models were studied by the students. Details of some of the experimental models are as follows.

1. Automatic sprinkler system. Principle: The system checks for humidity content in the soil and sprinkler gets on automatically to irrigate the crops.


2. Gardening system in flats where less space is available.


3. Extraction of Rhyzobium from the plants where chemical fertilizers are not used.


4. Use of solar energy in running a house.


5. GympowerPrinciple: Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through the generator attached to the bicycle.


6. Energy meter. Principle: Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy


7. House powered by solar light using solar panel and colloidal solution.


8. Automatic irrigation machine.


9. Pure water from sea water (distillation).



Tuesday, 08 July 2014 04:54

A Report on a Workshop Conducted by CAER

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A three day participative workshop, for teachers of CBSE schools was organized at DPS Bangalore North, between 23rd and 25th June 2014 by CBSE under the guidance of the Center for Assessment Evaluation and Research (CAER).
Ms. Viola Krishnaswamy of CAER was the resource person for the entire program. Ms. Satya Srikath, Ms. NaqeebaTaj, Ms. Sayee Subalakshmi were a part of this futuristic step brought by CAER. The workshop witnessed participation from teachers belonging to CBSE schools placed all over India.
FIRST DAY (23/06/2014)
Ms. Viola Krishnaswamy presented a keynote address and spoke about CCE and the main idea of constructing quality tests to assess the Scholastic skills of the curriculum. During the course of her address, she spoke about CCE, the objectives of summative assessments and formative assessments.
To begin the workshop, the participating trainers of trainees were made into various groups according to their subjects. Thereafter, we were assigned to do an activity which highlighted the importance of OBSERVATION as an important tool for formative assessment.
Two activities for assessment procedure is focused on the following:
  • Classroom Assessment for learning - which is a normal part of tracking student progress and providing feedback to assist further progress.
  • Modern assessment practice - Assessment and grading.
  • Use a range of assessment tools to gather evidence and form a biased holistic image of students' learning.
  • Assessment involves professional judgment based upon an image.
  • How the image is built?
  • Interpreting marks 
  • Assessment is viewed as the process of monitoring a child’s progress along a developmental continuum, which is modelled based on growth.
  • A few examples from Math, English, Social Science, and Science were given which was to demonstrate how the different assessment tasks contribute to holistic reporting.
SECOND DAY (24/06/14)
Time was amply devoted to MCQ’s [multiple choice questions] – to describe the best practices associated with developing multiple choice questions for assessment, requirements of writing good items , sources of item ideas. In order to understand the objectives of MCI, trainers were asked to make seven MCI models, keeping in mind all points discussed about MCI’s.
THIRD DAY (25/06/2014)
The last day of the workshop was focused on the Evaluation of the performance of MCI as mentioned below:
  1. Demonstrate how to collect and use statistics and data to help to determine item performance
  2. To calculate item difficulty, i.e. p value
  3. Item‘s ability to discriminate between high and low test performance.
  4. To calculate a measure of item discrimination known as the Findlay Index.
 All the trainers were given final assessment sheets to be used in their respective schools.

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Monday, 07 July 2014 15:26

Healthy Diet Hubs @ School

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A report on the group activity (FA1)

Topic: Balanced diet

Venue: DPS Bangalore south

Day and date: Tuesday, 1 –July- 2014

Class: VI

Resource people: Science teachers and class teachers of Std. VI

Balanced diet is the diet which contains all the necessary ingredients and nutrients in proper proportions which keeps the body healthy. The essential nutrients are protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, roughage and water.

Students of class VI had set restaurants on balanced diet as a part of group activity on Tuesday, 1st July 2014 in their respective classes. Students were divided in groups of 5-6 each. Based on the instructions of the teachers they set up their restaurants which followed balanced diet. Names were given to the restaurants by the students. Menu cards were designed. Food arrangement, serving were done by the students. Students displayed group coordination, planning, organising and executing the plan while performing the activity which resulted in neat and enthusiastic presentation. Their performance was evaluated by the teachers by the following parameters.

  1. Group co-ordination , interaction, sharing of ideas
  2. Planning and organising
  3. Execution
  4. Nutritional value of the food
  5. Neatness and presentation

Values learnt: Team work, planning, organising and execution, sharing of ideas and co-operation

A glimpse into the activities:

Some of the delicacies available in the restaurants

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 3  6



Master Chefs

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Tuesday, 01 July 2014 12:45

Participation in thinkCIQ,

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Dear Parents,


We hope you have marked 11th, 12th and 13th July 2014 in your calendar for participation in thinkCIQ,

Friday, 27 June 2014 04:48

Investiture Ceremony - 26th June, 2014

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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way - John C. Maxwell

On the fine morning of June 26, 2014, the young, talented students of DPS were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their School from the front with commitment, confidence and competence. The Investiture Ceremony thus marked the induction of the junior and senior School Captain (boys and girls), Sports Captain (boys and girls), members of student council and the House Captains for the academic session 2014-2015.

It was a solemn occasion where the young leaders were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school.

Mrs. Tasbia Khan and Mr.Athik Anwar, Financial Advisor, DPS Bangalore/Mysore, graced the occasion.  Mr. Arun Chakravarthy Jeji, I.G.P, CID, Forest cell, Bangalore was the guest of Honour.  He wished all the office bearers the very best and advised them to follow values in life taught in school and also requested the parents to inculcate good values in their children.  He also said that “A good leadership is not about taking responsibility but not to make any excuses.” Mr. Athik Anwar expressed his views on leadership and urged the students to have a dream for themselves as well as for the nation as a whole.

Mrs. Manju Sharma, the esteemed Principal, DPS- South addressed the assemblage  and emphasized that each one of the young leaders should be committed to their various duties and to remember that leadership always comes with integrity, courage, tenacity, and patience.

The event began at 10 a.m. with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the dignitaries and the school choir presenting two melodious songs. The energetic dance rendered by the young dipsites enthralled the audience.  It was a memorable and proud occasion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new, fascinating and enriching academic session.

Thursday, 19 June 2014 14:39

Warming up for the polls!

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On Thursday , 19th investing the aspiring student leaders with lofty responsibilities .Steeped in the ideals of democracy, right from the word ‘ go’ the school provided an open platform to the leaders to set forth their vision and goals before the students of class IX – XII who would vote them to power henceforth. The newly appointed House Mistresses of the four Houses , Ms. Anita Pandey of Cauvery House, Ms.Nisha Naveen of Ganga House, Ms.Geeta Priya of Godavari House and Ms. Subhalakshmi of Narmada House presented the Captains of their respective Houses.Shikhar Maniar and Amit Shankar were nominated as contestants for the coveted post of the school Head Boy , Sitara Herur and Meghna Murthy will run for the post of the school Head Girl. Mukul Mahindra and Aditya Ashok are contesting for the post of school Sports Captain Boys and Rishika Komarla and Deeksha Harish for Sports Captain Girls.

The Principal conveyed her best wishes to all the budding leaders and expressed her sincere hope that they steer their houses to success and glory.

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