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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 00:00

Entrance Test Portion -XI (2017-18)

PAPER – I         ENGLISH                                               50 MARKS                              1 ½ HRS

PAPER – II        SCIENCE                                               50 MARKS                              1 ½ HRS

PAPER- III          MATHS                                                 50 MARKS                              1 ½ HRS

PART- A            MATHS


PAPER –IV        SOCIAL SCIENCE                              50 MARKS                                1 ½ HRS


Candidates applying for the streams given below will appear in papers mentioned alongside

HUMANITIES                                                             PAPER I & IV

COMMERCE                                                              PAPER I & III

SCIENCE                                                                   PAPER II & III





Reading Comprehension, Article Writing, Formal Letter, Story Writing

Grammar (Integrated Exercises)- Omission, Editing, Rearranging the words into a proper sentence

Reported speech, Gap-Filling exercises based on Tenses or prepositions



Motion, Force, Work Energy and Power, Light, Electricity, Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atom, Acid, Bases and Salts, Carbon compounds

Cells and Tissues, Reproduction, Control and co ordination



Polynomials, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Area of Parallelogram, Circles (Class 9),

Polynomials, Pairs of Linear Equations in two variables, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic progression, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Heights and Distances, Circles, Area Related to circles, Probability, Surface area and Volume





Sectors of Indian Economy, Money and Credit, Globalization, Consumer rights


Nationalism in India, Work life leisure

(Political Science)

Power Sharing, Challenges to Democracy, Federalism, Political Parties




 The above portions are from class IX and X



Tuesday, 16 December 2014 08:34

Circular For Std. XI – 2015 – 2016



Circular For Std. XI – 2015 – 2016

Delhi Public School, Bangalore South a prestigious school in Bangalore is at the forefront in producing exemplary results in Standard X and XII for a decade. At the Senior Secondary level, the school offers various combinations of subjects in Science, Commerce and Humanities streams as listed below:



     i)     Group 1 (Non-medical)

ii) Group 2 (Medical)

a) English 

a) English 

b) Physics

b) Physics

c) Chemistry

c) Chemistry 

d) Mathematics

     d) Biology

e)Computer science/Biology/Economics /Legal studies  (Optional Subjects)


    Mass Media Studies and Media Production (Vocational Courses)

e) Psychology/ Legal Studies(optional Subject)


 Medical Diagnostics/ Mass Media Studies and Media Production (Vocational Courses)


     i)     Group 3

         (with Maths)

ii)  Group 4

    (without Maths)

a) English

a) English

b) Accountancy

b) Accountancy 

c) Business Studies

c) Business Studies

d) Economics

     d) Economics


e) Mathematics


e)IP/Legal Studies/ Psychology(optional Subject)


 Banking/ Mass Media Studies and Media Production (Vocational Courses)




       i)  Group 5

a) English

b) History

c) Political Science

d) Economics

e) Psychology /Legal studies(Optional Subjects)


    Mass Media Studies and Media Production (Vocational Courses)


The important dates for the admission procedures are given below:

(External Candidates)

10/12/2014 onwards

Issue of Application form for standard  XI


Last day to submit the filled application form


Entrance test


List of selected students will be put on School Website

26/01/2015 – 30/01/2015

Interview of selected students


Date: 30-Mar-2015

Reporting Time -8:30am

Exam Time - 9 to 12

Sunday, 24 November 2013 18:27

Video Directions

Friday, 21 June 2013 16:56

The Facilities


Citadel impregnable

The school campus is a secure haven made possible by a multitude of cameras located at strategic nooks and corners. The CCTV network spans beyond the concrete infrastructure into the sports fields, the pavilion, the swimming pool area and even the parking area for the school buses. Advanced technology has provided us the tools to ensure complete security for our precious students.
Friday, 21 June 2013 16:55

The Healing Touch


The well equipped health clinic provides medical attention to any student when the need arises.

\r\n', '\r\n

A qualified doctor assisted by two trained nurses is on duty throughout school hours on all working days providing the healing touch. A state - of -A  the art ambulance is always on stand by for any medical emergency that may arise.

Two well qualified counsellors ensure the mental well being of our students.

Friday, 21 June 2013 16:16

Gastronomical Delight


The school cafeteria is the most popular area on the school campus.  Every care is taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness and on the menu is a variety of wholesome dishes and healthy snacks. \r\n', '\r\nVending machines for beverages and health drinks are also installed and the importance of healthy dietary habit is stressed.

Friday, 21 June 2013 16:13

Digital Board

In this era of unprecedented knowledge explosion,DPS Bangalore South has been quick to capitalize on technological resources. \r\n', '\r\nThe SMART CLASS provides our students with an education experience par excellence. The DIGITAL BOARDS are a reflection of the plethora of activities that the school is abuzz with. The LYCEUM, which is an innovative technological tool which aids efficient management of work processes and the institution as a whole. It forms the repository for the entire data of the school.

Friday, 21 June 2013 16:12

The Cyber


Three spacious computer labs, for the exclusive use of the Primary, Middle and Senior school students respectively ensure that our students are well equipped with technological knowledge and induce them to be at their creative best!


The outstanding performance of our students at the National Cyber Olympiad bears testimony to this fact.The Oracle Training Programme for the senior students equips them with international accreditation while putting them on the fast track to progress!



Friday, 21 June 2013 16:02

The Genisis

DPS Bangalore South School

A confluence of intellect and the resultant convergence of ideas paved the way for the genesis of Delhi Public School, Bangalore in the year 2001.

The Delhi Public Society with a growing number of schools under its organizational umbrella signifies how the need to provide meaningful education, to a large number of children, desirous of growing into educated and liberated human beings, has been fulfilled. Founded and managed by distinguished members and luminaries of society, called from the various walks of life, the organization has always guided its member schools on the path of progress with their visionary approach and lofty ideas. Consequently, Delhi Public Schools have became significant portals of learning and growth of young minds.

The KK Educational and charitable Trust, Bangalore is mentored by its Chairman, Shri, K Rahman Khan who is currently serving the country as Hon’ble Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha. The inherent philosophy of the KKECT is to impart quality education and instill self-confidence and self-efficiency in students while ensuring that they are endowed with behavioural architecture, knowledge, leadership skills and an understanding of human values and ethics.


DPS Bangalore South School


Delhi Public School, Bangalore South with its distinguished genealogy is surging ahead with a spirit of healthy competition, setting new benchmarks for itself and striving hard to achieve these. Guiding us in our efforts are Mr. Ashok Chandra Chairman, DPS Society Justice N. N. Goswamy, Chairman, Managing Committee DPS Bangalore South and Shri, K Rahman Khan., Pro. Vice Chairman DPS Bangalore, who are our constant beacons and source of strength.

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